DLX480 digital processor represents current state-of-the-art technology. Taking advantage of the advances in analogue to digital conversion and digital signal processing technologies the unit achieves performance levels higher than previous devices. Below is a list of key features, followed by some information on the major advancements of the processor.

Key Features 

- LA Audio minimal signal path design 

- 96kHz sampling frequency provides for a nominally flat response beyond 40kHz. 

- Three rotary encoders, illuminated buttons and graphical display provide a rapid, intuitive and user-friendly control interface 

- High speed capable and flexible Ethernet communications that supports DHCP, static-IP and auto-IP and direct connection to a computer without the need for a router or a switch 

- Class leading sonic performance achieved by the use of state of the art converters, a 4th Generation Analogue Devices Sharc DSP and highly advanced DSP algorithms 

- Powerful Drive Module concept, abstraction from device centric to speaker based control 

- Innovative Component Presets to allow individual outputs to be used for selected drivers of a loudspeaker system 

- Twelve layers of Parameter Overlays for trouble-free Grouping 

- Unique VX limiter providing dynamic control for passive 2-way enclosures 

- Unique LIR linear phase crossover shapes giving FIR-like performance without the drawbacks 

- Innovative excursion control limiter with sliding High Pass Filter; limits only the damaging low frequencies 

- Transducer thermal modelling provides regulation limiters, addressing long term overload 

- Overshoot limiter governs amplitude of transient signals retaining average power whilst constraining peak energy 

- Dante audio networking with automatic fallover to Analogue or AES3 

- AES3 inputs and outputs, switchable in pairs 

- High performance ‘universal mains’ switch mode power supply, designed in-house

Technical Specifications 


Input impedance: >10k Ohm balanced 

Output Imp:<100R imp. balanced 

Max Input level: +20dBu 

Max Output level: +18dBu into 600R 

Sample rate: 96kHz 

AES3 Input sample rate: 28kHz – 108kHz 

AES3 Output sample rate: 96kHz 

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40kHz 

Input Dynamic range: >120dBa Typ. 

Output Dynamic range: >118dBa Typ. 

THD (20Hz–20kHz):<0.008% Typ. 

Mains required 85-230VAC 50-60Hz 

Mains power: 30W 



Audio input: 3 pin female XLR 

Audio output: 3 pin male XLR 

Ethernet: Shielded RJ45 

Aux Contact: Phoenix Connector 

Mains: 3 pin IEC 



Temperature: 0 to +45°C 

Humidity: 0 to 80% RH (non-condensing) 



Height: 1U (44mm) 

Width: 482mm 

Depth: 254mm 

Weight: 2.7kg net



There is internal provision for digital audio network option cards to be factory fitted. Currently LA Audio support Dante from Audinate.

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