Variable vertical pointing linear column module


It can quickly expand the vertical pointing angle to adapt to various occasions

The vbc8d with a height of 0.97M contains eight 3-inch low distortion NdFeB full frequency units, which are divided into four independent unit groups, each equipped with a separate DSP processing channel and class D amplifier. The vertical pointing angle can be rapidly expanded by pressing the key, and the expansion angles are 10 °, 20 °, 30 ° and 40 ° respectively, which can effectively meet the requirements of minimum sound pressure change coverage between different lifting heights and different listening surfaces, and more widely adapt to the needs of different sound reinforcement sites.


Optimal speech intelligibility and uniform coverage

The frequency response range of single voice column module can reach 76hz-20khz. By optimizing the frequency above 300Hz by FIR EQ, vbc8d can effectively keep the response smooth and phase consistent in the sensitive frequency band of human ear, so as to obtain the best speech intelligibility. The maximum sound pressure level of 94db can be obtained at the position of 16m with vbc8d single voice column module, which can meet the standard requirements for direct sound coverage of most venues whose main function is meeting demand.


Flexible expansion

Vbc8d supports the connection and expansion of two sound column modules to become a medium-sized sound column with a height of 1.94 meters. It can effectively improve the 6dB axial sound pressure level and narrow the vertical directivity of frequencies above 300Hz, so as to reduce the reflected energy of the ceiling in high reverberation places, and improve the sound pressure coverage uniformity and language clarity of the listening surface.


Unique algorithm and box physical structure ensure optimal performance

The vbc8d scalable vertical pointing active voice column module combines precise physical structure design and accurate DSP algorithm, and the high-precision phase algorithm is accurate to microsecond level units, which effectively solves the problems of obvious reduction of sound pressure level and obvious deterioration of sound quality of ordinary scalable vertical directivity products after extended directivity.


Equipped with Dante interface, easy system management

Users can enjoy the advantages of Dante technology, including multi-channel audio transmission and control using a single Ethernet cable, and easy discovery, setup and management of devices.

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