Band pass ultra low speaker system

Unique box design, effectively enhance the sense of hearing.

Vlf121d adopts a dual cavity physical structure design. The two cavities filter the parts above 100Hz and below 40Hz respectivelyWave, can effectively improve the acoustic efficiency in the range of 40hz-100hz. Thanks to the complex acoustic connection between the speaker and the boxStructure design, and through the physical structure of the very natural acoustic band-pass, 12 inch unit of low-frequency lower limit and efficiency defectsTo make up for it effectively. Combined with highly efficient low distortion class D digital power amplifier, vlf121d has achieved theThe sense of hearing and efficiency make the sound in the effective working frequency band more natural and full.

Various installation methods

Equipped with floor type and hanging type installation accessories. The hanging type installation accessories can extend the vertical directivity width through physical vertical tilt angle and electronic expansion, so as to achieve the target requirement of minimum sound pressure change coverage. The L-shaped mounting frame is connected with the subwoofer. Through high-precision acoustic physical correction, the problem of obvious difference between standing and sitting listening feeling of sound column products is solved, and the consistency of listening sense is improved.

Speaker typeBand pass subwoofer system
Transducer1 x 12" ferrite, 2.5" voice coil
Frequency response (-10dB)38Hz-110kHz
Horizontal angleAngle 360°
Vertical beam angle
Maximum sound pressure level @1M (peak)131dB (half space)
Sampling Rate96kHz
Dynamic range (with power amplifier)>113dB(A)
deal withIIRfilter
System time lag1.479ms
Onboard presets2
Maximum output power1200W DClass power amplifier
AC voltage 100-240V@50-60Hz 
Analog audio input

1 x XLR balanced input

1 x XLR balanced connection

Digital audio input

1 x RJ45 Dante input

1 x RJ45 Dante connection

AC power connector

1 x PowerCON 20 IN

1 x PowerCON 20 OUT

AC power consumptionStandby<0.5W, static: <13.5W, maximum: 220W
Outer boxBirch plywood, painted
Net coverPowder-coated steel grille
Indicator lightSig, Lim, PK, Preset
Operating temperature range (environment)0°-50°
surroundingsCan only be used indoors
Standards compliantCE、FCC、ROHS
Ease dataLaunched in April 2021
size375 x 750 x 506mm
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